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Committed to achieving “the highest-quality and most competitive innovative cosmetic”

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The beauty cosmetics quality pioneer in Taiwan, allowing brands and skincare products to interface of the worldwide. >>

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Cooperate with 3 research institutions to master critical materials, then create high-performance formulas by 4 laboratories.

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Customized formula with OEM/ODM to provide exclusive viral skincare products and then create the peak of the brand. >>

OEM/ODM, cosmetic, skincare


We believed that “every skincare product can create faith and hope”


Product Development/Sales

Save up to

50%/month on looking for product selling points

Provide selling point according to the channel to help you create heart-warming story.

The visualization of the raw material mechanism diagram helps you to quickly understand the formula design for R&D.


Business Owners

Multiply your fund income by


Create innovative and viral products for you every season. 

99.99% production yield rate, provide high-quality & stable products for you.


Brand founders/owners


20+/years of cosmetic research and development experience

A comprehensive product consultant allows you to have a complete team (sales, R&D, marketing) with a small budget to help you from brand positioning, R&D to launching new products.

OEM/ODM allow you to order in small quantities and launch as soon as possible.


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