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2022 Beauty Tech Live Symposium

March 15, 2022/by UNICARE

2022 Beauty Tech Live Symposium was held successfully

March 29, 2022/by UNICARE

2022 Beauty Trend

January 10, 2022/by UNICARE

202203|UNICARE Report

March 31, 2022/by UNICARE

202204|UNICARE Report

April 29, 2022/by UNICARE

202205|UNICARE Report

May 30, 2022/by UNICARE

202206|UNICARE Report

June 30, 2022/by UNICARE

A list of sorbet cream designs, help to cool down the skin in summer!

June 27, 2022/by UNICARE

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All about essence:types & efficacy & how to use!

May 4, 2022/by UNICARE


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Brands’ solutions to dull skin in summer

June 22, 2022/by UNICARE


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Dr. Misono Takeshi|Leading innovation technology in skincare industry

March 17, 2022/by UNICARE

Dr. Wang|Tips for post laser skin care

March 17, 2022/by UNICARE

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Exfoliate your body properly for smooth and radiant skin

June 20, 2022/by UNICARE

Extreme leaven 5G series

April 20, 2022/by UNICARE

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Facial Mask

Find the differences among physical, chemical and hybrid sunscreen at once!

February 14, 2022/by UNICARE

For “soothing and repairing”, how leading skincare brands upgrade their ingredients, textures and smell?

April 27, 2022/by UNICARE


High Concentrated Daily Ampoule Serum

May 5, 2022/by UNICARE

How leading skincare brands focus on skin microbiome?

April 12, 2022/by UNICARE

Let the skin breathe free, how to design face & body exfoliating products?

June 20, 2022/by UNICARE


Lotion vs cream vs gel-lotion vs gel-cream? How to choose wisely?

May 18, 2022/by UNICARE


Mr. Paul|The latest skincare trends in 2022

March 17, 2022/by UNICARE

Oil Base

Oily skin Tips|Four product designs to prevent skin problem: large pores/comedone/acne

May 11, 2022/by UNICARE

Partition skin care is more effective ways for modern people!

June 9, 2022/by UNICARE


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Product|All-round sun suncreen series


Product|High Concentrated Daily Ampoule Serum



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Research & Development Department Manager Dr. Lin was invited to the Formosa TV programme and shared probiotic maintenance technology

April 25, 2022/by UNICARE

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Sheet mask or Smear mask? Read it and get the answer!

June 9, 2022/by UNICARE

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Taiwan “Prohibited Ingredient List for Cosmetics” revision officially implemented on July 1

May 30, 2022/by UNICARE

The higher the concentration of the essence, the better the effect?

May 3, 2022/by UNICARE

Three “Refreshing and Brightening” Steps from the leading bands: Cleansing, Rejuvenating, Sun Protection

May 27, 2022/by UNICARE

Three proper nouns you must know before choosing a sunscreen!

February 21, 2022/by UNICARE




UNICARE is a professional skincare OEM/ODM manufacturer. We service enterprises which engaged R&D and manufacturing cosmetics nearly 20 years. At the same time, we are also one of the earliest cosmetics manufacturing to get GMP/ISO dual certification in Taiwan. The R&D team committed to creating high-quality skincare products with formulas and professionalism. The business Marketing team carefully tailoring exclusive selling points for your brand.

UNICARE|2022 Beauty Trend

What is the difference between the “skin smoothie” sorbet cream and ordinary creams?

June 27, 2022/by UNICARE

Why high-concentration essence so popular

May 3, 2022/by UNICARE

World Oceans Day | Protect marine ecology and get a better future

June 8, 2022/by UNICARE