Brand strategy and planning services

    Initial discussions

    1. Product (feature, dosage forms, and packaging)
    2. Marketing discussions (brand search survey)
    3. brand position (trademark, features, target audience and other)
    4. Bottle packaging (design, material and so on)

    Product sampling

    1. Product samples tested (flavor, effect, the feel)
    2. Product modifications (adjustable according to customer demand)

    Products and raw materials training

    1. The correct use of the product
    2. Particularities of the raw materials and performance
    3. Compare with existing products in the market

    Brand marketing strategy

    Marketing strategy

    1. Festivals marketing activities (mother’s day, mid or end of the year sales, Christmas, new year and other)
    2. Corporate group purchase
    3. theme party marketing campaigns (such as year end party, spring party)

    Customer response message

    A. Analysis the Product, brand, management, and marketing advantages and disadvantages, to maintain its existing strengths, weaknesses for further improvements.

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